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Click on a link to get started! You can look at the Student book which will show you the lesson, you can go to the models by concept and George will help you learn the lesson, or you may pick the Interactive student book, which you can learn the lesson from as well!

Math Video Lessons – Grades K-6


Kindergarten Interactive Edition (Teacher)
Teacher Edition, GK
Teacher Resource book, GK
Chapter Resources Books, GK
Getting Ready for the PARCC® Assessments (SE), GK
Personal Math Trainer Grade K

1st Grade

1st Grade Student Book
1st Grade Models by Concept
1st Grade Interactive Student Edition

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Student Book
2nd Grade Math Models by Concept
2nd Grade Interactive Student Edition

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Student Book
3rd Grade Math Models by Concept
3rd Grade Interactive Student Edition

5th Grade

5th Grade Student Book
5th Grade Models by Concept
5th Grade Interactive Student Edition

Elementary Math (Grades K-5)

Free Math Program